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  • Quantity:  1 Litre
  • Brand / Manufacturer: Quadient / Neopost


This Quadient / Neopost Folder Inserter Sealing Solution will work in a wide range of Quadient / Neopost folding inserting machines.


Sealing gummed envelopes can be time consuming and unpleasant. Folder Inserter Sealing Solution is the simple but effective way to secure your mail in the post. Envelopes can be sealed quickly and easily by adding the solution to the sealer unit in your machine or by applying directly to your envelopes.


Folder Inserter Sealing Solution has been specially formulated to prevent wetter tank contamination. The solution also protects the wetter felts and wetter sponges preventing discolouration and unpleasant odours

Quadient/Neopost Folder Inserter Sealing Fluid (1 Litre)

SKU: NEO300700
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