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Inbound Digital Mailroom

Would you like to streamline your inbound mail processes and mitigate risk?

Our Inbound Digital Mailroom service allows businesses to quickly and easily redirect mail to our bureau where we securely open, extract and scan documents. Documents are then transferred to your business for electronic distribution.

Discover how you can maintain business operations and support agile working whilst improving the efficiency of your mailing process.

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How It Works

- 1 -

Post Redirect


Our team sort and prepare your mail for scanning. This includes tagging to ensure documents are tracked through the process.

- 2 -

Scanning & Indexing

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Documents are scanned, OCR’d (allowing you to search the PDFs when you receive them) and indexed. As an example, documents could be indexed and saved in PDF format with the file name based on the recipient and address location.

- 3 -

Secure Transfer 


Documents are securely transferred to you for internal distribution. Automated distribution to recipients is available upon request.


Could our Inbound Digital Mailroom transform your business?

Please complete the form below and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

The key benefits of Inbound Digital Mailroom



Free up valuable resource to focus on business critical operations



Digitisation of incoming documents enables better tracking

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Data Control

Mitigate the risk of data loss and improve record keeping



Faster prioritisation of management action and response

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