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Let us help you achieve operational excellence through automation and by integrating end-to-end mailing workflows with inserting, sorting and high-speed colour inkjet printing solutions.

Our folder inserters make it easy to manage bulk mailings of invoices, marketing materials or newsletters. When paired with our output software we can help your business go further in managing personalised mail and ensuring compliance by each recipients pack only containing documents specifically related to them. 

Pitney Bowes Relay inserting machine

Small Office

Low Volume

Manage mail faster and more accurately than doing it by hand, so you can get back to business. You save valuable time and money, while gaining the peace of mind that your communications are assembled accurately and on time.

Medium Office

Mid Volume

You need your outgoing mail to move fast. Your growing variety of mailings and tight schedules means you need greater efficiency and your business demands even more performance from the folding and inserting solutions.

Large Office

High Volume

Our high volume folder inserters are designed for mid to large mailers to bring you increased speed, accuracy and security. These solutions allow for auditability of every page processed to ensure compliance and peace of mind for your business whilst also often allowing you o pack more into the envelope reducing postal costs and maximising client exposure to products and services on offer. 

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