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No more pen and paper logs

Our internal tracking solutions allow business to fully manage and report on internal processes

  • Understand you peaks and troughs

  • Automatically notify recipients and item has been received for them

  • Automatically confirm whether item will be delivered or requires collection

  • Report on split between business and personal items received

  • A wide choice of reports to ensure full chain of custody can be evidenced

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Tracking Parcel

- Track Anything

- Parcel and package tracking

- Visitor Tracking

- Asset Tracking

- Archive box and file management

- PO Reconciliation

- Route activity logging


1. Scan the barcoded item

(or print barcode if needed)

3. Submit

(email triggered notifying recipient of impending delivery/collection required)

Mail Tracking Solution Sendsuite

2. Select recipient

Employee list important and ability to capture images if required

4. Deliver

(Signature Captured to confirm delivery via signature pad or mobile device)

Capture Signatures Electronically


-Produce audit reports

- Automate processes

- Save Tme

- Eliminate Errors

- Demonstrate accountability

- Reduce queries and investigations

Stop calls and emails requesting confirmation as to whether an item has been received


Track items within and between offices from reciept up until final delivery to end recipient allowing a full audit trail


A professional service for your business with instant access to reports with chain of custody evidence

Increase Productivity

Improve the effectiveness of your mailroom and despatch departments

Audit Delivery Times

Ensure your team are deliverying to the business requirement and evidence this


Release staff time by reducing manual process of logging item, notifying recipients and reporting on items processed

A customisable solution built to fit your businesses requirements, want to understand more? Get in touch...

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