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The DX Exchange service provides a reliable, next day service for the delivery of documents to other Members of the network. This private ‘club’ connects over 25,000 Members across the UK and Ireland.

However, by closely monitoring your DX throughput and keeping records of DX usage companies can make substantial savings on their DX costs. This process doesn't need to be labour intensive with our franking machine and scale technologies.

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Digital Mailing Solutions offer a range of tools to support DX Processes, our tools allow DX postage costs to be accounted for and reports can be generated alongside your Royal Mail postage costs.

Postal markets around the world are going through programs of liberalisation and other carriers are playing an increasing role, Digital Mailing Solutions postage meters can account for this alternative mail, report on it and even print the carriers specific indicia identifying the mail where required.

Our DX (Document Exchange) monitors help you accurately control your DX postage spend meaning you never need to overpay for your DX postage and subscriptions again, with customers often saving up to 30% on current costs.

If you are an existing DX customer and would like to control, account for and report on your DX costs then please get in touch

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A standalone system which connects via Wi-Fi so you can send a report in Microsoft Excel directly to your email address at the touch of a button.

We also offer automatic solutions for stacking post to print the DX indicia, return address and log volumes processed.

Our all in one systems are currently being used by barristers chambers and law firms throughout the UK, many of these had previously overpaid between 25% and 68% on postage. 

Rather than estimating the yearly DX mail invoice it makes more sense to be able to confirm the actual usage than relying on the limited information DX generally provide.


Monitor and control your spend

Accurately budget for future spend

Process items as they need to be

Save Money

Ensure you are using the most appropriate service for the item you are sending

Track your true spend and usage to ensuring accurate billing by DX

Save Time

Allow staff to work faster and smarter

Remove the manual logging of items and tallying of items processed for reporting purposed

Further enhance and automate current processes


Print a professional indicia rather than hand stamping

Ensure post has a return address

Brand your post on the fly

Using DX, struggling to reconcile your invoices, get in touch we would love to show you a new way to streamline your processes and save.....

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