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Product Details

  • Brand / Manufacturer: Pitney Bowes
  • Envelope Size: 162mm x 235mm
  • Envelope Type: Window or Plainface (if Plainface, delete next 2 rows)
  • Window Size: 45mm x 90mm
  • Window Placement: 20mm from left, 72mm from bottom
  • Flap: Gummed


Our envelopes are designed to work with your mailing equipment and deliver consistent performance. That means your business can improve output by simply reducing envelope failure rates, maximising your productivity, improving uptime and increasing your return on investment.


Mailing envelopes are slightly larger than a standard office envelope offering a larger space to insert the material into, vital when processing your mail at speed.


Our envelopes have been comprehensively tested to run at optimum performance with a range of folding and inserting equipment.

Envelopes C5+ 162x235mm Gummed Wallet 45x90mm High Window White 90gsm - Pack 500

SKU: 572220DESP
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