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Why We Partner With Neopost

Neopost is the number two global provider of mailing solutions and major technology provider in digital communications and shipping solutions. Neoposts technologies suit large companies and SMES alike and have some highly innovation solutions to help business manage their physical and digital communications and parcels. The equipment, software and services help allow us to provide the most suitable solutions for your business when looking to meet its goals on the management of communication and goods flows. The groups solutions are adapted to the needs of supply chain and e-commerce players.  

Neostats Postage Reporting

With NeoStats, you can recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts/departments and identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account/department/postage class and/or operator.

Key benefits include:

  • Flexible reporting at your fingertips

  • Monitoring, tracking and managing postage expenses has never been easier

  • Save time and eliminate errors

  • Create spreadsheets and colourful graphs in minutes

  • Track mail expenses and recoup costs through chargeback

Optimising Business Communications...

Neoposts solutions help us to optimise sending and receiving mail, parcels and emails.  This helps us to allow your business to communicate faster cheaper and more efficiently, internally and externally. These solutions help us to deliver:

 - Cost Savings

- Improved Productivity

- Accuracy and compliance

- Growth

- Personalised Communications

- Adoption of digital communications

- Process improvements

- Centralisation

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