No more stamps

Did you know that by moving from stamps to a franking machine you could save as much as 34% on your postage costs. A 1st class stamp is now 13p more expensive than franking and a second class stamp is now 18p more expensive. Franking Machines provide a cheaper and more convenient alternative to using stamps; so why not start franking? 

Exclusive Offer

From only £19.95 per month

Including  Fully Comprehensive Maintenance, Free Postage Top up Resets, Free Company Logo and one Free Ink Cartridge

Additional Offering to choose from one of the following: 30 Day Free Trial, a £30 consumable voucher, 1 additional Ink, 15 month contract for cost of 12 Months (3 months free)

Sending 5 items or more a day?

Great, a franking machine will completely offset the costs!

Money isn't everything but it definitely helps

  • Achieve significant savings – Franking is up to 34% cheaper than stamps.

  • Accurately weigh, rate and process – Integrated scales as standard ensure the correct rate every time. 

Is your company brand important?

  • Free advertising on every envelope – Add a professional touch to your mail and deliver instant impactful messages to your client base on every item.

  • Every postal denomination at the push of a button – No need to stock every stamp denomination and no need to over stamp to make sure you don’t under pay and incur a fine or even worse your client has to.


Do you value your and your teams time?

  • Save Time – Eliminate time travelling and queuing at the post office for stamps.Speed through the post – Metered mail is classed as business mail and because it’s handled less, it goes through the Royal Mail system faster.

  • Manage your postage spend directly through your machine – Credit for your Franking Machine is purchased via a modem link 24/7 so you need never run out of stamps again.


Process your post quickly and avoid the need to visit the post office

Save Time


Save Money


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